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Air Balancers

   Air balancers allow users to lift and “float” a loadZimmerman BW Balancer for precise manual movement and placement of parts and tools without repetitive “jogging” required by traditional hoists.

   Hoist Experts can customize these balancers to suit your exact needs. Feel free to let us know if you need any more information or special pricing! Resale and bulk discounts available.

   Let us know if you can't find what you need! If you don't see what you're looking for, chances are, we can help you find it. We also offer replacement parts for every hoist and balancer we sell! Just shoot us an email at or call at (866)579-0160 for more information.

Part # Name In Stock Price
1 2 3 >
ZAW015080 9 $2,745.00 Add to Cart
ZAW020120 7 $3,356.00 Add to Cart
ZAW032080 Call $3,788.00 Add to Cart
ZAW035080 2 $3,588.00 Add to Cart
ZAW040060 Call $3,900.00 Add to Cart
ZAW050080 1 $4,325.00 Add to Cart
ZAW070040 Call $4,062.00 Add to Cart
ZAW070080 Call $6,419.00 Add to Cart
ZAW080060 Call $6,691.00 Add to Cart
ZAW100040 Call $4,869.00 Add to Cart
ZAW100080 Call $8,033.00 Add to Cart
ZAW130040 Call $7,555.00 Add to Cart
ZAW140040 Call $7,012.00 Add to Cart
ZAW200040 Call $8,797.00 Add to Cart
BW015080 Call $2,015.00 Add to Cart
BW020120 10 $2,665.00 Add to Cart
BW032080 Call $3,056.00 Add to Cart
BW035080 5 $2,835.00 Add to Cart
BW050080 1 $3,638.00 Add to Cart
BAW005060 Call $1,272.00 Add to Cart

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