Hoist Inspections & Maintenance

Get your hoists inspected regularly -- OSHA requires that routine inspections be performed on all overhead cranes and hoists. OSHA 1910.179 includes the full description of what the schedule and depth of these inspections should look like, but here's a brief overview:

1) Frequent Inspections: to be performed once a month by a competent person (who may work for your company)

2) Periodic Inspections: to be performed annually by a certified crane and hoist inspector (who must not work for your company)

It's also a good idea to have replacement hoists on hand, or at the very least, a recommended replacement parts bin for important hoist in your facility. This way, if these hoists go down, they can quickly be replaced or repaired. Our next blog will outline good practices for replacement parts stocking. Be safe, and have a good one!

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